Security system in Montreal

Are you thinking about upgrading your security system or having one installed in Montreal? Do you simply want to increase the security of your home or business?

Security system installation & repair in Montreal

More and more, the security needs of our customers don’t just include the locksmith aspect, but also new security systems requiring interventions by staff capable of solving electronic issues. That’s why Serrupro Montreal has decided to offer a security system installation service in Montreal.

As a whole, a door may include different types of security systems, such as a lock, a card access control system, and an intercom.

Our different security systems in Montreal

Does this type of situation look like yours? Our technicians at Serrupro Montreal can help you solve problems with all these security systems. They also perform new installations according to your security needs and budget :


Our expertise makes it possible to increase the security of your home or business with these systems.

The best locksmith service for a security system installation in Montreal

Analyzing your situation is at the heart of our priorities to offer you the security system that suits your needs in terms of security. The installation of an alarm system can be connected (or not) to a surveillance center. Your access control system in Montreal can be installed in stages to respect your budget. An autonomous digital handle with tracing can be a simple yet effective solution to facilitate access while exercising control over comings and goings.

Security systems guaranteed

Whether it’s a repair or a new installation, we guarantee our security systems.

Thanks to their experience in the field of security, our locksmiths here at Serrupro Montreal can offer you cutting-edge solutions. Find out about our security systems in one of our 5 locksmith locations in Montreal.

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