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If you are looking for a way to improve the security of your home, apartment building, or business, Serrupro-Montreal recommends the high security lock from the outset. This lock is necessary when you want to protect your assets and your loved ones.

A high security lock has two characteristics that any other regular lock does not. It is not possible to be opened by lock picking and the keys are controlled.
The Mul-T-Lock provides all the benefits of a high security lock. First, their robustness is unmatched and they offer enhanced protection against pointing, drilling, impact and all other forms of lock breakage.
Serrure Medeco
Medeco has designed a lock which key cannot be reproduced without the permission of its owner. Thus, a file of the Medeco lock, with signature, is created at the locksmith so that only authorized persons can request the key reproduction.

Non-pickable lock

A lock that cannot be picked is a lock that can not operated by a tool, of the type used by burglars, in an attempt to unlock it. The high security lock is designed with multiple security levels, which eliminates the possibility of being picked.

For example, the Medeco high security lock has, in addition to the height of each chamber of the mechanism, an angle required for the alignment of the key. You can see this feature on the key. In addition to the height of each tooth on the wrench, you will see an angle that may be different between each tooth. These are just two of the security levels on this type of lock. See the variations in our page dealing with the Medeco lock.

Key control

The second feature of the high security lock is the key control. When you purchase a high security lock, a file is issue on behalf of those authorized to request a duplicate key. Only those signatories can request new keys. The owner of the lock can thus keep track of the number of keys in circulation. For example, a business owner should reduce the risk of former employees having a key in their possession. The high security lock is a great ally in the protection of a business. There are several brands of high security locks that offer you the same level of protection and act as a deterrent against burglars. These are the Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Assa and Abloy locks. Although completely different in design, they all have the same characteristics of a high security lock. Your locksmith is the only professional equipped with specialized tools to cut keys and prepare a high security lock. No regular store offers this service. That’s why Serrupro Montreal is the solution. Located in Montreal, our 5 locksmiths locations are specialized and are there to provide you with information. Let our expert locksmiths advise you on this essential product for the ultimate protection offered by the high security lock.
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