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Serrupro Montreal has developed expertise in the field of car locksmith. Since 1999, we’ve been offering our customers the ability to copy their chip key for their car, whether it’s a regular key or a flat key (laser cut). Car keys with transponders or chips must be copied and programmed with specialized equipment that is no longer exclusive to dealers. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our automotive locksmith locations in Montreal. Our prices are competitive.

Our automotive locksmith services:

We can remake the keys for almost any car. In just a few steps, you’ll be in possession of your new keys. So don’t wait anymore and enjoy our automotive locksmith service in Montreal !

A tip from the automotive locksmith:

Keep a flat metal key (less than $10) in your wallet. Even if you don’t have 2 chip keys, you can still unlock your doors in case you forget them in the car. And if you lose your chip key, the metal key at least provides the cut to remake it.
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