Medeco high security locks

Theft-related losses are enormous when burglars break into a business or residence. Whether it’s duplicating your keys in any hardware store or picking a lock, these intrusions leave no trace of tampering and yet the damage can be disastrous. Therefore, installing a high security lock such as the Medeco lock is the first step in dealing with these situations. How can the Medeco lock help secure your building?

Key control

First, Medeco designed a lock with a key that cannot be duplicated without the permission of its owner. Thus, a file with signature is created at the locksmith so that only authorized persons can request the key reproduction. For example, a business owner who wants to control the exterior door, may distribute the keys of a Medeco lock to only certain employees and pick them up when one of them leaves their job. No copy of this key can be made without his authorization. Key control is only possible with the installation of a high security lock such as the Medeco lock.


On the other hand, the Medeco grade 1 lock is superior in strength due to the materials used in its manufacture. This is because the pins and some interior parts of the Medeco lock are made of hardened steel, unlike a regular lock which all parts are made of brass. These attributes allow it to withstand an attempt to destroy it with a drill for a longer period of time, discouraging burglars from attacking the Medeco lock.

Non-pickable lock

Finally, what mainly characterizes the Medeco lock is its design. Unlike a regular lock designed with only one level of security, the Medeco lock has at least three of which the height of the pins corresponding to the key, the variable distance between the pins, as well as different angles in the shape of the pins that you can observe between the key teeth. This mechanism works with special lift and rotation. The latest generation of Medeco locks features the addition of a side piece installed in the lock. The conception is more complex.

UL 437 approval

As mentioned by manufacturer ASSA-ABLOY: “ UL 437 listing on any Medeco M3 lock means that they have been tested and can withstand many forms of physical assault, including picking, drilling and percussion keys. ” The Medeco lock is available in several finishes and in a multitude of formats, in order to meet the different needs of our customers, including the use of the Medeco lock which can be specialized. For example, use in elevators, thick doors as well as for machinery and all kinds of cabinets. Only your locksmith is equipped with specialized tools to cut Medeco keys. No regular store offers this service. This is why our specialization allows us to inform you well about this product essential to ultimate protection.Discover our five locksmith locations available through Montreal.

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