Key copy in Montreal

The quickest key copy service in Montreal

When it comes to copy key in Montreal, our company, Serrupro Montreal, offers you a wide selection of keys. Over the years, our longstanding locksmiths have accumulated a variety of keys that can meet your needs. Enjoy the quickest locksmith service for a key duplication in Montreal !

Get a copy for any type of keys

Car key, boat key, motorcycle key, and even a key to the door of your RV or the lock on your trailer… We can find a solution compatible with any type of vehicle. Don’t wait anymore to get a key replacement.

Is it back to school? Have you just moved and your family needs extra keys? Our locksmith locations do key copy for almost every type of residential key. Ask for our keys designed with the Montreal Canadiens logo or the Disney logo.

Did you think it was impossible to duplicate a key as unique as the key to your little chest? It’s highly likely that we can copy it, along with your mailbox keys, your padlock keys, or the keys to the lock on your garage door.

Don’t just rely on the big box stores, which only offer a few key models. Come to one of our locksmith locations for key copy in Montreal.

Commercial key copy - Master key systems

Our experienced locksmiths can create a master key system for your apartment building, your whole condominium, or your company that will let you limit access while maintaining control over the building. These are hierarchical systems that work with authorization levels. Contact one of our 5 locksmith locations in Montreal to learn more about master key systems.

High-security key copy

Do you have a high-security lock? Call one of our locksmith locations, and we can guide you through the process of duplicating your keys in Montreal. Whether it’s a MEDECO, ASSA, ABLOY, or MUL-T-LOCK key, our locksmiths will know how to help you.

Safe key copy

Safes are equipped with special keys, and our locksmiths can verify the possibility of copying one. If we encounter an obstacle, we rely on our suppliers, who have good advice when locks with a specific use require a special key blank.

Guarantee for any key copy

All our keys are guaranteed. No matter which one you bring to one of our branches, we’ll take all the necessary steps to make a perfect copy of it.
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