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24 Hours Troubleshooting in Montreal

For a repair and installation on the road, contact the closest emergency locksmith in Montreal 24 hours. Do you have a problem with the lock, handle, or any other hardware on your door? Serrupro Montreal offers you a 24 hour locksmith service performed by qualified locksmiths who are members of the BSP (Bureau de la Sécurité Privée). With 5 locksmith locations and 10 different locksmiths available 24 hour on the road, we’re among the few companies near you that can offer you same-day troubleshooting service.

Trust Serrupro Montreal with all your troubleshooting needs, since we train our travelling locksmiths to properly analyze the problems with a door before making a repair. In addition, we have several locksmiths with extensive experience in our company who help solve the complex problems that are often encountered in commercial buildings or very old residential facilities. Whether it’s for the residential, commercial, or industrial sector, our 24 hour locksmiths offer you unparalleled service to solve all your door and lock problems.

Our 24 hour locksmith services in Montreal:

10 emergency locksmith accross Greater Montreal

For a commercial or residential intervention, Serrupro’s 24/7 emergency locksmith service has been recognized for many years within the Montreal community. Indeed, our locksmith locations cover the entire Greater Montreal area, including Laval, Repentigny, the South Shore, and the West Island.

You’ve probably seen our trucks traveling across Greater Montreal. We have 10 locksmith technicians on the road who take turns day and night to provide the most professional emergency locksmith service possible.

Serrupro Montreal, emergency locksmith specialized in high-security locks

When you do business with Serrupro Montreal, you’re doing business with a trusted locksmith company. Indeed, all our locksmiths have been certified by the BSP (Bureau de la Sécurité Privée). So you can rest assured that you’re being served by a locksmith without a criminal record who has received the necessary training to practice their profession. It’s mandatory for all locksmiths to hold their BSP card. Don’t hesitate to ask the locksmith who comes to your home to do a job for it.

For any problem requiring a fast and effective intervention, call Serrupro’s emergency locksmith service in Montreal, and a courteous locksmith will be at your door in under an hour.

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