MUL-T-LOCK locks

High security Mul-T-Lock locks

Mul-T-Lock locks are part of a line of superior high security products. They are designed to ensure your security and peace of mind. The Mul-T-Lock provides all the benefits of a high security lock. First, their robustness is unmatched and they offer enhanced protection against pointing, drilling, shocks and all other forms of lock breakage. Depending on the choice of model, their locking mechanism provides a triple, double or standard level of security.

Mul-T-Lock MT5+

The latest patent for the Mul-T-Lock triple security lock is the Mul-T-Lock MT5+. This lock is among the most reliable on the market. In addition to its triple security design, which makes it a non-pickable lock, it provides enhanced key control with patented keys and the requirement to present a control card to the authorized locksmith for duplicate keys by Mul-T-Lock’s specialized cutting equipment.


The Mul-T-Lock Dual Security Lock is the Interactive+ lock. Like the MT5+, it provides a solution for applications requiring physical security and protection against unauthorized key duplications.


This Mul-T-Lock with standard key is a solution for applications requiring protection against unauthorized key duplications but not particularly high physical security. This Mul-T-Lock is ideal when interior doors such as office doors need to be controlled and where the anti-pick feature is not required. Mul-T-Lock has designed an extremely varied product line:

Development of eletronic products

The company not only designed mechanical locks, but also engaged in the development of electronic products to meet a demand for modernization of access control.
Mul-T-Lock remains a leader in the field of security, whether through its innovation in Mul-T-Lock locks, or the development of its electronic products. You can count on Serrupro Montreal to find out about a full range of Mul-T-Lock products.Discover our five locksmith shops here.

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Ensure the ultimate protection for your property with Mul-T-Lock’s advanced locking solutions. At Serrupro Montreal, we’re dedicated to offering you the best in high-security locks. Don’t compromise on safety – contact us today to learn more about how Mul-T-Lock locks can enhance your security and give you peace of mind. Let’s discuss the perfect security solution for your needs.

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