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Our locksmith company, Serrupro Montreal, offers sales and service – in-store or on the road – for all-purpose safes.

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Have you decided to buy a safe but can’t find the right one? All our 5 locksmith locations can help you, because in this field, there’s a multitude of safes that seem similar but have different features and, therefore, different prices. Besides its dimensions, the features of a safe are the fire resistance duration, the destruction resistance duration of the safe, the type of lock, and its opening method.

Steps before buying a safe

First of all, if you want to acquire a safe, you have to determine the purpose of your acquisition. Is it to protect a certain item from indiscretions? Is it to protect your valuables, documents, or electronic media against theft, fire, or both? What is your budget for purchasing the safe?

In each case, there’s a safe that’s best suited to your needs.

The classes of safe lock

A-B type : The thickness of the safe is less than ½” and the door less than 1”.
C type : The thickness of the safe is at least ½” and the door at least 1”.

Duration of fire resistance of safes

A UL* certification indicates that the safe is resistant for at least 1 hour or at least 2 hours to exposure to external temperatures of over 1700ºF and not exceeding 350ºF inside.

“UL class 350-1 hour” or “UL class 350-2 hour”

A safe may have been tested in the factory without being UL certified. A manufacturer may have tested the fire resistance duration of their own safes.

*UL stands for “Underwriters Laboratories,” which is an independent organization that has tested products for over 100 years. UL certification is an indicator of quality and safety.

Destruction resistance

The higher the value of your goods, the more resistant to destruction the safe that protects your effects should be. The RSC standard is the ability of a safe to resist a destructive attack by drilling, chiselling, punching, and sabotage by a UL-certified technician for 5 full minutes.

Other heavy-duty safes with 3½” thick walls and 6½” thick doors are suitable for commercial uses such as jewellery stores and shops whose valuables must be protected against theft and fire.

The destruction resistance ratings of safes:

If you want to keep your jewellery in a place that’s safe from theft, the value of your goods will allow you to determine the destruction resistance duration you need. Some safes are sealed against the elements (water, dust). There are safes designed to protect your computer media against theft, fire, and weather.

Professional and attentive locksmiths in Montreal

Our locksmiths receive training on safes in order to properly inform our customers. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use, one of our locksmith locations can help you choose the right safe.
It’s recommended to anchor any safe weighing less than 750 pounds.

Some models of safes and their uses

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