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Intercom system installation in Montreal

Serrupro Montreal has been installing home and commercial intercom systems for many years in Montreal. We’ve developed expertise in this field of security systems, because their installation requires not only a knowledge of intercoms, but also expertise in locksmithing, since the hardware on the door must be modified. Our locksmiths therefore complement the work of our installers.

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Locking the door to a home apartment building is only possible if an intercom system is installed to communicate with visitors. This measure is sometimes required by insurers. Do you own a duplex and your tenant’s buzzer hasn’t worked for a long time? Would you like to see who’s buzzing your door? Does the door to your business have to remain locked for the security of your staff but you want to make it easier for your customers to come in? The home intercom system is what you need. It acts as a doorman by securing your building while maintaining access to the inside and outside world.

Intercom installation

Serrupro Montréal specializes in installing intercom systems, serving residences, duplexes, and businesses. Our experienced team ensures efficient installations, tailored to your specific requirements. Don’t delay in securing your property with a state-of-the-art home intercom system.

Contact Serrupro Montréal for a consultation to discover how we can elevate your building’s security and communication capabilities.

Different home intercom systems

There’s a wide variety of home intercom systems on the market, and many are very good choices. Intercoms can be installed with or without wiring. The costs of a wired system are less than a wireless system, but the opening and repair of the walls after its installation must also be considered. There are also video intercom systems that let you see the people who come to your home on an internal screen. You’ll feel safe knowing who is at your door.

Intercom systems are available for a very large number of apartments. Some models have interior communication and door opening units, while others use landline telephones in the apartments or cell phones. Our locksmiths can help you choosing correctly the perfect intercom system according to your security needs.

Intercom repair service

If your home intercom system isn’t working properly, consider opting for our reliable intercom repair services. Almost all intercom parts are available from our suppliers. Sometimes, by replacing a single piece, the whole system starts working again.

Intercom problems? Reach out to Serrupro Montreal without delay to schedule an appointment for professional intercom repair. We have 5 different locksmith locations in Montreal to serve you. Don’t let intercom issues persist, contact us today for a comprehensive inspection and reliable solutions.

A tip from the locksmith

If the mail carrier’s lock on your intercom is no longer working, this lock is provided by Canada Post rather than by a locksmith. The address of the building will indicate to Canada Post the type of lock that’s installed, and you can get a new one for free.
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