For seasoned locksmiths

We are always seeking seasoned locksmiths to join our team. With 5 stores across Greater Montreal and numerous positions both in-store and on the road, our company provides numerous opportunities. Irrespective of whether you reside in the east or west, this locksmith role at Serrupro-Montreal is an opportunity not to be missed.

Our diverse clientele, including residential, commercial, and institutional, will provide a platform for you to demonstrate your locksmithing abilities and knowledge. If you are diligent, enjoy teamwork, and seek to continue your growth as a master locksmith, we invite you to collaborate with our experts.

For novice locksmiths

We also welcome applications from individuals with no prior experience as a locksmith. If you have always been interested in the locksmith profession, possess manual dexterity, and are comfortable working with tools, we invite you to join our team as an apprentice. At the same time, you can undertake formal locksmith training at any locksmithing school that offers such programs.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive your Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP), your license, and finally have the opportunity to practice this engaging profession. We encourage you to take a trial run and determine if this profession and our locksmith job offer is a good fit for you. Although the number of positions is limited, feel free to contact us for more details. We are happy to provide further information about this role.

What does a locksmith's job entail?

As a response to our locksmith job offer, you will be participating in our team’s daily activities. The tasks may vary depending on whether you work in-store or on the road.

The in-store locksmith :

The on-the-road locksmith :

Our locksmith company values

Employees at Serrupro-Montreal play an active role in driving the success of our company. By responding positively to our locksmith job offer, you contribute significantly to the growth of our company. Additionally, locksmiths have the freedom to work in their preferred area, be it on the road or in the store.

We promote a culture where employees explore their interests, actively participate, engage in questioning, and collaborate with peers. By accepting our locksmith job offer at Serrupro-Montreal, you will experience a supportive work environment that strives for seamless integration of new employees and emphasizes our core values.

A few of our values:

If you wish to apply for this locksmith job offer, please email your application to lgodin@serrupromontreal.com or call 514-794-5378.

Notre équipe de serruriers pour voiture à Montréal a développée une expertise dans le domaine des clés automobiles.
Vous décider d’acheter un coffre-fort mais vous ne vous y retrouvez pas ? Nos serruriers peuvent vous aider puisqu’il existe une multitude de coffres qui se ressembles.
Serrupro Montréal installe depuis plusieurs années des systèmes d’intercom. Nous avons développé l’expertise dans ce domaine de la sécurité.
Ce système de contrôle d’accès est installé directement sur la porte. La saisie du code permet le déverrouillage. Selon la serrure installée, il est possible de faire du retraçage.
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