Door access control system

Door access control system in Montreal

At Serrupro Montreal, we offer you door access control systems that are easy to install and use for your home or your business. Here are a few types of door access control systems:

Install a door access control system with an autonomous digital locks

This access control system is installed directly on the door. Entering the code unlocks the door. Depending on the lock installed, it’s possible to trace the information – that is, to know when people entered the building. For most door access control systems, several codes and time periods, as well as individual tracing, are possible.

Card or chip access control systems

Card or chip access control systems are used more and more often in companies and offices since they facilitate the management of access by individuals. Indeed, it’s an ideal system to control permissions, i.e., for hirings and departures of employees. It’s a security system that lets you control events for each door as they happen or later. This type of door access control system can be installed on one or more doors for which the access hours can be different. Several other parameters are also possible since each installation requires different specifications.

Wired digital keypads

Ideal for daycare facilities, computer rooms, or warehouses, the digital keypad is suitable for access control system installations on a door. This security system secure the premises against intruders from outside while allowing easy access to your employees or to parents in the case of a daycare, for example. An additional deadbolt lock can accompany the keypad installation to add extra security to the door when the facility is closed.

Automatic door opening systems

The automatic door opening system is an access control system that facilitates the access of individuals to a building. The automatic door opener can be installed with buttons for the disabled or simply with presence sensors. This type of access control system is found in stores and shopping centers. To help you determine your needs in terms of door access control systems, contact one of our 5 locksmith locations in Montreal. Our locksmith specialists who will guide you in choosing a security system solution.
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